Thursday, October 22, 2009

In this video, Stephan Colbert pretends to defend making money off disasters. Despite his jokes, Klein gets her argument across. Notice the connection she makes to Hurricane Katrina. How do you think this argument relates to our overall course theme of America's place in the world?

In the video Stephan Colbert is interviewing Noami Klein on her book the Shock Doctrine. I think that Klein is trying to say that when a disaster happens, people are left in a state of shock. When people are left in this state of shock the natural thing to do would be to believe that your government is going to be there to help. Hurricane Katrina was a natural disaster. When Katrina happened the people effected by this hurricane believed that the government was going to save them. They thought that their government was going to help them to evacuate New Orleans. They were left there for days without supplies. These people were left to die. The government should of did more to help these people.

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  1. Good observations - aside from the neglect on the part of government, what's the ideological piece of Klein's argument?