Thursday, October 22, 2009

September 30 Question

What was your experience in writing the first essay like? How does it compare to the kinds of writing you've done in or out of the classroom before? What do you think would help you become a stronger writer?
My first paper in Laguardia was for American history class. I didn't know what to expect. I was feeling kinda out of my element because I put off school for a year to work. I had to read two stories and choose one of the questions and answer it in essay form. After reading and highlighting everything I wanted to put in my paper, I felt better about it like I was getting the flow back. I realized that it was kinda like high school. Nothing really changed from high school. I know the more papers I do it will help become a better writer.


  1. Danielle - I hope that you'll find some ways the writing we do challenges you beyond what you've done in High School, but I'm glad you're getting your flow. Taking a year off can be the best thing to help you find your focus!

  2. Hello person, im confused already, but dont worry it just might be me. :)